Strata Property Training (Without Strata Title - Problems and Solutions)


19 November 2020

Mega Asia Training Academy, Jalan Pahang KL



Featured Trainers:
Dato Sr. Dr. Azimuddin Bahari &
Mr. RA Ganapathy A/L Supermaniam
There are many stratified property schemes in Malaysia that have yet to obtain their strata titles. The reasons behind this can caused by the negligence of the developers, complicated land legal issues, financial issue of the developers, technical issues that lead to the non-compliance of technical requirements, the developer has wound up and many more.
The non-issuance of strata title will undoubtedly cause many financial and legal hardships or complications to the parcel owners, and also to the parties concerned including the developers, Local Authorities (Local Council and Land Office), bankers, JMB and others.
In this training, the participants will get to learn the some key knowledge related to Strata Title Act 1985 and Strata Management Act 2013. The participants will also have the opportunity to appreciate the common problems faced stratified property schemes without strata title issued through practical case study. We will also discuss and explore the solutions for each type of issue.
Info & Registration
Date: 19 November 2020 (Thursday)
Venue: Mega Asia Training Academy, Jln Pahang, KL
Fee: RM499 | 10 CCD Point, per participant.
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