About Us

Mega Asia Training Academy (MATA) which is under the flagship of MAC Intellect Sdn Bhd specializes in providing and facilitating cutting edge training courses specially catered to meet the needs of the industry players. At this time and age with the unprecedented advancement of the marketplace, MATA provides programs that are tailored to address current business and organizational issues, challenges and ever-growing ambitions.

With customized and well researched programs, MATA creates a path in adding value in contributing to organizations’ growth through expertise development. Our programs include a wide range of public trainings, in-house training services, team building, technical training, as well as green card and license services by MATA Membership Club (MMC).


Empowered by the knowledge management passion, Mega Asia Training Academy which is under the flagship of MAC Intellect Sdn Bhd was established as a platform of experienced industrial personnel/ consultants and speakers to deliver and share their knowledge and experiences to people from diverse backgrounds. MATA is advised by a panel of consultants whose backgrounds cover various areas in constructions, office management, soft skills learning management, project management, environment, engineering, ISO Consultant and many more.

Our Track Record

Since 2016 to February 2019, MATA conducted 856 seminars and workshops which attracted 10,026 participants and 2,035 companies across Malaysia to help the construction industry to increase competiveness.

We have 856 seminars and workshops.

10,026 participants since 2016.

2,035 companies all over Malaysia.

Our Team

MAC Intellect consists of a team of professionals with in depth understanding and knowledge of the industry and proficiency in the important elements that will make an event successful. The training programs are designed and strategically planned with the current best practices in mind in order to meet all levels of training requirements within an organisation.
Our goal is to provide highest quality training programs, services and support with the best value for money. We pledge to maintain and persistently improve the standards of our services to ensure continuous satisfaction.


To be the preferred employer and to foster a culture of respect, learning, creativity, dedication and continuous improvement.
To nurture our employees to be thinkers, go-getters, high – achievers and dedicated.
To fulfill the evolving needs of different levels and segments of our clients.
To become a global leading provider of events that connect business with intelligence.
To be the No 1 leading provider of business brilliant events in Malaysia, South East Asia & the Asia Pacific region.


To provide excellent customer experiences through our 5-star customer service and quality programs.
To create opportunities for our clients to achieve competitive advantage and business growth through our customized programs and networking events.
To fulfill our promise of high quality and great value for commercialized events.
To bring international clients together and enhance their international business and networking opportunities.